“STORM” – Science Facts

Weather manipulation has been around for a long time.
Today, they take place worldwide on a daily basis …

As early as 1957, the US President’s Council Committee explicitly acknowledged the military potential of weather manipulation. The report warned that weather manipulation could become a more significant weapon than the atomic bomb.

During the Vietnam War in 1966, the American warfare tried to extend the rainy season to increase the amount of mud on the Ho Chi Minh Road. Although the military success is disputed, during the three-year duration of “Operation Popeye”, a threefold increase in the amount of rainfall in this area was actually recorded, and rivers overflowed their banks. In addition, the goal of extending the rainy season was achieved, by over thirty days.

Operation Popeye resulted in a UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD). The convention prohibits targeted military intervention in natural environmental processes, but also the use of our natural environment as a weapon.

“We Own the Weather in 2025”

Despite this, various military and government-funded studies are being conducted in the US on this topic:

1996 the US Air Force launched a study which is entitled: “We Own the Weather in 2025”, according to which it may be assumed that US military research projects for weather manipulation are underway.

DARPA, a scientific agency of the US Department of Defense has been (or still is?) researching how to trigger and redirect lightning. This project is called “Nimbus”.

In the past, many weather experiments are known, some with catastrophic results and hundreds (!) of civilian deaths (British Royal Navy, Lynmouth – Rapid City, South Dakota – Abu Dhabi – Beijing)

An example: As a measure against a persistent drought, rain was to be produced in China in fall 2009. However, the manipulations triggered an unintentional 3-day snowstorm that plunged Beijing into chaos.

The German Armed Forces examined the topic of geoengineering and weather manipulation in detail as part of a future security policy analysis in 2012. This analysis came to the conclusion that weather modifications could become increasingly important in the future and could be used more frequently and in a coordinated manner over large areas. In this analysis, the planning authority explicitly warns against manipulation in the redirection of storm phenomena.

Several Thousand Interventions In Natural Weather Patterns Worldwide Every Year

Today, there are several thousand interventions in natural weather patterns worldwide every year. Above all in USA, Russia, Australia, Thailand, but mainly in China, the weather is manipulated practically every day.

Countless companies around the world are already making money from weather manipulation. Be it by letting clouds rain down or by avoiding precipitation, such as the hail planes in southern Germany.

China has its own state weather modification authority, which has been influencing the weather situation for years. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people work for this authority. The best-known examples of massive interventions in the natural weather patterns are the 2008 Olympics or the respective anniversaries of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On these days, fair weather was artificially created (just like every year in Moscow for the big military parade on May 9).

More than that, China plans to influence the weather on a grand scale. The Chinese Meteorological Administration has started to set up six more regional weather manipulation centers across the country since 2020.

Ionospheric research is highly interesting for military purposes, among other things. Just to name two possible applications: By influencing the ionosphere in a controlled manner, electromagnetic solar storms could be deflected, which could lead to widespread power outages or the failure of entire communication systems. Low-frequency radio waves are also reflected in the ionosphere, which are used for underwater military communications with submarines. The goal declared by the US military is to form the ionosphere into a mirror in a limited area in order to direct radio signals more precisely to any location in the world.

Weather Manipulation Is No Longer Wishful Thinking. It Happens.

But what are projects such as HAARP, EISCAT, Sura and Dushanbe in Russia, Arecibo in Puerto Rico and the brand new Guizhu in China really capable of? It is prooven that they can generate artificial auroras and heat up the atmosphere using extreme low-frequency microwaves. There are also detailed and patented ideas on how these systems could be used to influence the jet stream, which is responsible for atmospheric circulation and therefore for our weather systems on a large scale.

As early as 2005, a team of US scientists carried out extensive simulations in the course of hurricane research and discovered that only slight changes in environmental conditions are needed to divert the path of a hurricane to a previously defined target area. Theoretically, it is therefore conceivable to steer a hurricane in a targeted manner. So far, the only limiting factor is the enormous amount of energy required.

As a conclusion, weather manipulation is no longer wishful thinking. It happens. Thousands of interventions in atmospheric circulation are carried out worldwide every year. There are countless experiments going on. The intentions range from sensible (producing rain during droughts, avoiding hailstorms) to criminal (storms, continuous rain or months of drought as a weapon of war). Mind you, these are intentions. What is actually triggered by these experiments could be far more dangerous.

Prime Example Of Chaos Mathematics

“The flap of a butterfly’s wings in Beijing can trigger a hurricane in New York.” That, in a nutshell, is the credo of chaos mathematics. Weather phenomena are the prime example of chaos mathematics. If you try to manipulate the weather at a certain point, the side effects are unpredictable. For example, a small rain shower produced by silver iodide inoculation to eliminate drought can lead to a dangerous snowstorm far away (remember Beijing, China). But if even a single intervention is not without consequences, what is the effect of an increasing global accumulation of manipulations? What is actually possible?

One thing is for sure: Whoever owns the weather has the power!




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