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About me & my books

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I was born in 1971. After I graduated in 1991, I worked as a broker at the German stock exchange for a number of years. At some point I realized, it was time for a change, and so i started building up my own business. That was the best decision in my life.

Today I am married and i have a wonderful daughter. My wife Marion and me, we live a full life in Munich, Germany and Fort Myers, USA. Books kept me fascinated since I was a small child. Today i enjoy reading crime-, thriller- and suspense-books. Of course, this also is what my books are all about.

My debut „BLOW OUT“ was published September 2013. The techno thriller is about capturing CO2 offshore below the sea and the dramatic ecological consequences that could result of it. “BLOW OUT” turned out to be a surprise success, even making it into a major German TV-Show.

„THE WALL“ was published October 2014. It’s a mystery ebook-series, published by the „Fat Poets Society“ – an association of German bestseller authors.

„STORM“ has been published by PenguinRandomhouse Germany in 2018, and was subtitled „Whoever controls the weather has the power!“. „STORM“ hit German SPIEGEL-Bestseller-List Top14, was elected one of „Ten novels worth reading in 2018“ by the editorial staff of a major news program and it was nominated “Best German novel 2019” by German Fantasy Society. As of today it has been translated into several languages.

“LIFE” was published April 2020 also by PenguinRandomhouse Germany, and was subtitled „What would you do, if the ongoing global mass extinction suddenly sweeps us humans away too?”. Only a few days after its release, the audio book of “LIFE”, which is magnificently read by german actor Achim Buch, made it number 1 in the Amazon charts in the category “New releases techno thriller”.

“DROUGHT”, again published by PenguinRandomhouse Germany was published in September 2021. The climate fiction thriller shows the devastating consequences of climate change for us humans and in addition, it deals with the growing insanity of comprehensive state surveillance and control. Meanwhile “DROUGHT” made it on the short list of the German Lovelybooks Community Award 2021.

In March 2022 my short story “AFTER THE FLOOD” was published in the climate fiction anthology “Einmal kurz die Welt retten” by Gmeiner Publishing. The anthology made it on the short list of the German Lovelybooks Community Award 2022.

My latest thriller “BLUE GOLD” was published in March 2024, again by PenguinRandomhouse Germany and is subtitled “The battle for water begins”. „BLUE GOLD“ is about the exploration of new freshwater resources and questions who owns our drinking water and what happens when water becomes a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Another milestone in my life as an author is the publishing of STORM in the United States of America. STORM will be released June 1st 2024 as paperback, ebook and maybe audio book by Clevo Books. I am very proud of this and it fills me with great happiness, especially since the USA has become my second home in recent years.