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Reader Opinions

For me, “Dürre” is Uwe Laub’s first book and it has very clearly become a highlight for me, as it is completely convincing in every respect.
— Spannungsjägerin (via Amazon)
As is usually the case, I just wanted to have a quick read, but it turned out I couldn’t. As soon as I started, I was already in a vortex and couldn’t escape. The author has a very special style of writing that you just can’t escape.
— MK262 (via LovelyBooks)
The author’s great style of writing contributes to the fact that I was able to read this thriller very easily. With every page, I became more curious about how the story would develop.
— Sandra (Top500 Amazon reviewer)
I just wanted to have a quick read and found myself in the middle of it. Good heavens, it really grabbed me. It’s an absolute highlight of the year!
Geheimnisvolle Bücherwelten via Facebook
A thriller in best Marc Elsberg style. Where “Blackout” gave me sleepless nights and I found “Helix” a little off-the-wall, “Leben” completely picked me up. It reads frighteningly real, absolutely logical […] and breathless. An incredibly thrilling techno thriller – an absolute must-read!
The fast pace, the fascinating and frightening facts and the unrelenting suspense of this intelligent eco-thriller make “Life” a real page-turner.
Thrilling scientific thriller written by the “German Michael Crichton”.
A really terrific thriller that is very thought-provoking! I can even recommend the book to non-thriller fans. Everyone should have read it. Great characters with whom you can root for. Lots of suspense, right to the conclusion. Scientific facts that are explained in an understandable way… GREAT, just great!
A very clear recommendation.
boxshot sturm
Laub’s “STORM” is reading fodder for lovers of scientific thrillers.
ZDF heute, novel recommendation by Martin Krauß
“STORM” is a page-turner that couldn’t be better.
Buchwelten, Wolfgang Brunner
After “Blow Out”, this is Uwe Laub’s second science thriller! And what one it is!
Thrillertantes Bücherblog, Alex Hoffmann, 19.02.2018
“STORM” is one of those stories that you never forget.
Linas Bücherkiste
In his debut ‘Blow Out’, Uwe Laub pulls all the stops of the action genre. This novel rages like a hurricane.
– Sat1 novel tip, Peter Hetzel, 16.01.2014
‘Blow out’ is the name of the book. And after reading it, you will be completely blown away! This thriller will leave no one unmoved.
Kriminetz, J.B. Wind, 23.11.2013
Uwe Laub knows how to keep the tension high from the beginning to the dramatic end with his writing style.
Thrillertantes Bücherblog, Alex, 18.09.2013
An absolute must-read for all lovers of suspense. A magnificent debut by a visionary author.
Das Bücherkafee, Aygen Ekici, 24.11.2013
Uwe Laub has crafted a gripping and highly interesting story out of the topic and its protagonists, with plenty of twists and turns.
Krimi-Couch, Andreas Kurth, October 2013
Thumbs up for this debut!
Lesemaniac Blogspot, Kerstin, 08.10.2013
An amazing book!
Andreas’ Bücherblog, 23.08.2015
„The Wall“ endlich als Sammelband erhältlich.
A story that creates a dark, unsettling atmosphere, which is exciting, mysterious, different and just plain awesome.
– Bloggin’ Hinkenpinken, 12.09.2016
If you love suspense and extraordinary effects, you shouldn’t miss “The Wall”!
– Andrea Hübner, Amazon, 20.10.2014
Anyone who likes dystopias like “The Tributes” or “The Maze” will love “The Wall”.
Sistronic, Amazon, 12.10.2016